I am a saint, sinner, and theologian of the capacious. I have been baptized and buried and resurrected by people and circumstances and words. I know that showing up is the most difficult and powerful spiritual practice. My tenderness is unsuppressed fury for the marginalized. I’ve learned that mindfulness is a survival skill. I do not possess anything, everything passes away, and there is a boundlessness in the transience of this life. This is who I am; this is what I know; and I struggle to understand it everyday. – Excerpt from Unbind(ing)

Thanks for stopping by my website. I am a poet and educator in the Bay Area. My identity is rooted in spirituality, queerness, and writing as liberatory praxis. I hold a Master of Theological Studies from the Graduate Theological Union, with a Certificate in Women’s Studies in Religion, and a BA in history from Mills College. I am currently pursuing an MFA in Poetry at San Francisco State University. 

I welcome opportunities to read my work in inclusive spaces.